[ Karesansui garden ]

Japanese garden composed entirely of rocks and sand

[ Lobby ]

Service of powdered green tea is got with the check-in time while sitting down by a sofa in a lobby.

[ Salon manyo club ]

This is a space of relaxation. It's a self, but you can drink espresso coffee with beans of grind building freely anytime.

[ The dining room ]

Private Kotatsu( a low covered table with a heat source underneath) built into the floor room, it's well-received for a lady and elderly, too.
We have 5 places (ume, matu, yuzu, fuji, sakura)

[ Banquet halls ]

Large banquet hall (42 tatami mats) Medium banquet room (25 tatami mats)

[ After a bath place ]

It's a self-style, so please enjoy the service by which cold water and green tea are snacks any time.

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